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5 Things Women Do That Turn Guys Off

Are you wearing too much makeup, perhaps you’re over-accessorizing?

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Dating Tips: 5 Mistakes Men Make From The Start

Most guys are their own worst enemy when it comes to the dating world.


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10 Things Women Have To Know About Men

Let’s face it…some things you should keep to yourself. Mainly because respect and understanding is a two way street. There are things women don’t want men to say to them..and so it goes for men!


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Top 5 Types Of Women You Need To Hide From Your Facebook Newsfeed

A recent study suggests that women who are lonely share more personal information on Facebook compared to women who are not lonely.


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The Top 6 Things Men Hate To See Women Wear On Dates

We’ve got the results here from a new survey that asked men what they HATE to see women wear on a date.


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Stall Secrets: Real Beauty Sketches

Doves new beauty campaign

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Why Do Women Eat Healthier Than Men?

Men are less likely than women to eat their vegetables. And it seems science might have the answer.


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Maggie Rose: Empowering Women And Keeping Men In Line

In an industry where the good ol’ boys run the show, once in a while a female artist rises up to take a stand. The former Bruce Springsteen cover band singer, Maggie Rose and her band are kicking down doors and taking names!