Ladies, Here Is What Men Think About Your Tattoos And Body PiercingsLadies, us guys do not like lower back tattoos anymore!
Fellas The More You Eat Of This Food, The More Attractive You'll Smell To WomenWonder if Axe body spray will make a Garlic smell?
Ladies These Are The Top Ten Things You Do To Your Body That Guys HateThese Are The Top Ten Things You Ladies Do To Your Bodies That Guys Hate
5 Things Women Do That Turn Guys OffAre you wearing too much makeup, perhaps you're over-accessorizing?
Dating Tips: 5 Mistakes Men Make From The StartMost guys are their own worst enemy when it comes to the dating world.
10 Things Women Have To Know About MenLet’s face it…some things you should keep to yourself. Mainly because respect and understanding is a two way street. There are things women don’t want men to say to them..and so it goes for men!
Top 5 Types Of Women You Need To Hide From Your Facebook Newsfeed A recent study suggests that women who are lonely share more personal information on Facebook compared to women who are not lonely.
The Top 6 Things Men Hate To See Women Wear On DatesWe’ve got the results here from a new survey that asked men what they HATE to see women wear on a date.
Stall Secrets: Real Beauty SketchesDoves new beauty campaign
Why Do Women Eat Healthier Than Men?Men are less likely than women to eat their vegetables. And it seems science might have the answer.
Maggie Rose: Empowering Women And Keeping Men In LineIn an industry where the good ol’ boys run the show, once in a while a female artist rises up to take a stand. The former Bruce Springsteen cover band singer, Maggie Rose and her band are kicking down doors and taking names!
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