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Set To Go Viral – Sea Lion Keeping A Beat

This video surfaced recently and is being hit by the major networks this morning.  I’ve always thought animals get it….don’t know why it’s taken this long to prove they can keep a beat!


(Credit: ATTILA KISBENEDEK / Getty Images)

Video – Cuddle With A Baby Elephant

Anytime you can see that there aren’t really any boundaries or limits to LOVE being shared, it makes me smile. This baby elephant is so awesome – just wants to snuggle – which ends up […]


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Video – Pug scared of Spider

My family currently has two Pugs in our pack.    They are true comedians and just so fun to have around.  If you love puppies and funny personalities you’ll enjoy this one.  Good for a smile.



Deer In The Trunk – What Could Go Wrong?

Kalamazoo, Michigan Police questioning a driver who had been sitting in his car at around 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday (March 19th), in a hotel parking lot, were startled when a deer jumped out of the vehicle’s trunk.



Happy B Day Hugh Janus! Weatherman Punked!

Great prank on a weather man from KTLA


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NOT Taking a Nap! – Video Of The Day

There can not be a more treasured part of the day for a parent than NAP TIME!


Taylor Swift (credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Have you seen the Goat that Sings like Taylor Swift?

Sure go ahead you know you want to!



Frog Mating Call – Feel Good – Video Of The Day

Its funny to note at what makes us laugh.  I clicked on this video of a rare frog’s mating call and was immediately giggling. This may not be a fall on the floor ROFLMAO but […]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–02/18/2013