The Ladies Room

Awesome Camping Hacks!Ok. So. I won't pretend to be someone I'm not and admit I will only go powder puff camping, glamping, or whatever you wanna call it.
The Ladies Room: Oil PullingWhat exactly is it?
Giant Snow Shark in MN! Da na. Da na.
The Ladies Room: Deer Rescue!Awesome deer rescue video and what probably was one of the BEST days thus far in Minnesota
Cook A Turkey In The Dishwasher!Hey! Sometimes you gotta try something new!
The Ladies Room: Watch This Man and His Chihuahua Do Yoga!Cutest dog ever!
The Ladies Room: HA! Guys Are Too Smart SometimesWould you kiss a stranger in the rain?
Stall Secrets: TV For Your Dog! Your dog will have their very own channel!
Stall Secrets: Smarter People Drink More!Greatest study ever!
The Ladies Room: TJ Talks With GlorianaWatch Gloriana play the special TJ game!
"Walkin Through the Front Door..." New Blog! Awesome rambling!
Um. Is That Your Tattoo Ringing?!
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