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Taylor Swift Webisode 7: The Home Movies & Interactions With Zach

The great thing about “Ours” with [mp3com-artist]Taylor Swift[/mp3com-artist] are the cute video montages halfway throughout, giving that 60s, handheld camera look.  The director, Taylor and Zach go behind-the-scenes on the inspirations behind the look and some […]



Taylor Swift Webisode 8: Casting Of The Extras

You can’t have a good video without the use of funny, quirky and great extras!  After scouring all of Nashville, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Taylor Swift[/lastfm] and the director came up with this eclectic bunch for “Ours” in the […]



Taylor Swift Webisode 6: Taylor’s Look

We’ve all talked about it: [mp3com-artist]Taylor Swift[/mp3com-artist]’s new hair style including lack of curls and flirty bangs.  This hairstyle was prominent in her latest video for “Ours” and here’s a quick peek from the inspiration […]



Taylor Swift Webisode 5: Leading Man Zach

Today, [mp3com-artist]Taylor Swift[/mp3com-artist] takes us backstage to learn a little bit more about the man of the hour, Zach Gilford!  He plays Taylor’s love interest in the video for “Ours“.  From cute cuddly moments to a […]



Taylor Swift Webisode 3: The Story Of “Ours”

Taylor Swift Dazzles & Delights With… Everyday we’re featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes webisodes of [mp3com-artist]Taylor Swift[/mp3com-artist]’s new video for “Ours“.  Today, Taylor talks about the meaning behind the song and the reasoning for choosing the storyline […]