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Baby Blog: Realities of Being a Mom

I have my mind blown on a daily basis since becoming a mom.


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Baby Blog: Fart Noises are Funny

What can I say, Kerris thinks fart noises are hysterical.



Baby Blog: My Best & Worst Baby Items List

I’m still new to this parenthood thing but I successfully made it through the first three months.


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And I’m back, but I’m not the same…

It started out a typical morning, but what happened next cemented the fact that I’m a changed person…


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It’s A Girl For Shayne Wells!

Introducing Baby Kerris!

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–11/04/2013

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Shayne’s Baby Blog: Dog Meet Baby

Up until now, our one and only baby was our dog Payton, a Jack Russell Terrier mix.


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Shayne’s Baby Blog: Nursery Complete (Pics Included)

Putting together a gender-neutral nursery is no easy task


Baby Wells

Shayne’s Baby Blog: Team Gender Neutral

Boy or girl, we don’t know…


Shayne Wells

Shayne’s Baby Blog: Conquering Fears

Up until I found out I was expecting, I did anything and everything to avoid an encounter with a public restroom.