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Why Was Toby Keith’s First Trip To Nashville an Epic Fail?

Shayne and I had a ‘Behind The Music’  moment with Toby Keith.  There is a phrase in life I love, “It ain’t braggin if you can do it”. For Toby Keith that sure rings true. […]

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Toby Keith: Single/Video ("Red Solo Cup")

What Small Gadget Changed Toby Keith’s Career?

In this interview with BUZ’N@102.9, as always, Toby Keith is candid and open about everything.  As you go through your day, are you aware of some of the little things that have totally changed your job […]

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How To Win A Girl’s Heart According To Jana Kramer

What is the most impressive thing you can do on Valentine’s Day according to Jana Kramer? Someone ought a share this with Brantley Gilbert before he goes out and buys another 5 karats!! “Make a […]

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Hillary Scott Answers – Has Lady Antebellum Ever Lip Synced At A Performance?

Filed under *P* for *Pretty Cool* Had a chat with Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum this morning. (btw their new song DOWNTOWN is awesome) Being that Beyonce has grabbed headlines this week on reports that […]

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Callin it – Winter Is All But Done

Somebody has to be bold enough to call a spade a spade.  Here is the deal, they have super computers that run tens of thousands of simulations for weather patterns for at least 6 -12 […]

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Birthday Prank – Stuffing A Badger

Check out Koffy’s latest birthday prank!

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–01/07/2013

Shayne Wells

Shayne Wells’ Top 10 Songs Of 2012

BUZ’N staff is counting down their top song picks of 2012. How many Taylor Swift songs do you think Shayne picked?



Birthday Prank – Your Kids have head lice….again

  Thanks to Diane’s friend Sandra we learned she has been a little frustrated with her kids catching some head lice at school. – Hey it happens – She gets a little wound up when […]

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Koffy In The Morning Birthday Prank – Nudist Photo Shoot

How would you react? This photographer didn’t like the idea of  a “natural” pose next to Sid Hartmen.

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Koffy In The Morning Birthday Prank – I Need Trophies For My Kids & Mistress

What happens when the kids get cheap trophies and the mistress gets all the attention?

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