Shayne Wells

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Smile Now! Tim and Faith Blooper Reel

Ever had your tongue tied as you were trying to say something important?



Cheating Boyfriend Caught Red-Handed On Google Maps

A woman in Russia types in an address and uses the street-view tool to get a closer look and BAM, there’s her boyfriend…


Kip Moore Has Mic Control (Credit: Adam Greenwald / CBS)

Kip Moore Explains How The BUZ’N Half DUZ’N Changed Him

Kip Moore talks about how the night went and how the crowd at the BUZ’N Half DUZ’N helped change him!


Chris Cagle Stage View (Credit Adam Greenwald / CBS)

Why Was Chris Cagle Brought To Tears At The BUZ’N Half DUZ’N?

It was agreed by all artists after the BUZ’N Half DUZ’N that the show at Mystic Showroom was amazing!



Harlem Shakin’ Underwater? Here’s A Look At The Best ‘Harlem Shake’ Videos

It’s #1 on iTunes and has spawned thousands of YouTube videos


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Birthday Prank Call – Baby Doll Locked In Car

Listen to the birthday prank!



Frog Mating Call – Feel Good – Video Of The Day

Its funny to note at what makes us laugh.  I clicked on this video of a rare frog’s mating call and was immediately giggling. This may not be a fall on the floor ROFLMAO but […]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–02/18/2013

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Video: JLo saves Adele from creepy stage crasher

It was a moment most of us missed while watching the Grammy’s, but it’s one that’s quite alarming


Shayne Wells

Shayne Wells’ Top 5 Love Songs

As Paul Koffy can tell you, I’m not the most sensitive/emotional person. But I’m going to reach deep and tap into that part of me for this list. So here it goes…


Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert vs Kacey Musgraves

Who sang it best: ‘Mama’s Broken Heart.’