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Unapproved Cold Remedies: And The First One Is …

I took a Z-pack. I went to URGENT CARE sat in the waiting room and they made me put the avian bird flu mask on because I was coughing and nasty. Get me? I went to the Doctor, did the health care co-pay, got the script and took it…

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Callin it – Winter Is All But Done

Somebody has to be bold enough to call a spade a spade.  Here is the deal, they have super computers that run tens of thousands of simulations for weather patterns for at least 6 -12 […]

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Birthday Prank – Stuffing A Badger

Check out Koffy’s latest birthday prank!

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Better Than Resolutions!

Love the article I just got a hold of that talks about making those lists at New Years. Hey it’s inevitable – we either do them or spend time telling people why we don’t do them.

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photo from Dennis Kirk

Dennis Kirk – with a John Deere Everyone will love!

                Dennis Kirk put together an assortment of Motorcycle-Lawmmowers – I’m glad they didn’t stop there! This is awesome! The link below is will give you some ideas […]

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Creepy Santa Photos

Some of these are hysterical and some are just down right creepy!

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Paul Koffy

Paul Koffy’s Top 10 Songs Of 2012

BUZ’N staff is counting down their top song picks of 2012. What do you think tops Paul Koffy’s list?



12 Drinks of Christmas by Fay Mckay

LOVE THIS!   Fay McKay singing 12 drinks of Christmas!

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Birthday Prank – Your Kids have head lice….again

  Thanks to Diane’s friend Sandra we learned she has been a little frustrated with her kids catching some head lice at school. – Hey it happens – She gets a little wound up when […]

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Koffy In The Morning Birthday Prank – Nudist Photo Shoot

How would you react? This photographer didn’t like the idea of  a “natural” pose next to Sid Hartmen.

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