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Frog Mating Call – Feel Good – Video Of The Day

Its funny to note at what makes us laugh.  I clicked on this video of a rare frog’s mating call and was immediately giggling. This may not be a fall on the floor ROFLMAO but […]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–02/18/2013

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Hear Brad Paisley get out of his Southern Comfort Zone

As we talked with Brad Paisley about the largest carbon footprint ever for a country music video, we realized that that he was in his home studio(I thought it was a barn, actually its a […]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–02/07/2013

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What Carrie Underwood Won’t Do For Her Dogs

I love my dog children.  Who are we kidding I love all dogs! As a known vegetarian and supporter of animal rights, Carrie Underwood loves her dog children too!  But Carrie falls into a particular […]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–02/05/2013

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Why Was Toby Keith’s First Trip To Nashville an Epic Fail?

Shayne and I had a ‘Behind The Music’  moment with Toby Keith.  There is a phrase in life I love, “It ain’t braggin if you can do it”. For Toby Keith that sure rings true. […]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–02/04/2013

Toby Keith: Single/Video ("Red Solo Cup")

What Small Gadget Changed Toby Keith’s Career?

In this interview with BUZ’N@102.9, as always, Toby Keith is candid and open about everything.  As you go through your day, are you aware of some of the little things that have totally changed your job […]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–01/30/2013

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How Horror Inspires Carrie Underwood!

Do you ever take the time to look at the bonus features on a DVD? You know the extra stuff that is after the PLAY ALL or SCENE SELECTION ? If you do, you’ll enjoy […]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–01/29/2013


How To Win A Girl’s Heart According To Jana Kramer

What is the most impressive thing you can do on Valentine’s Day according to Jana Kramer? Someone ought a share this with Brantley Gilbert before he goes out and buys another 5 karats!! “Make a […]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–01/26/2013

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum (credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images)

Hillary Scott Answers – Has Lady Antebellum Ever Lip Synced At A Performance?

Filed under *P* for *Pretty Cool* Had a chat with Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum this morning. (btw their new song DOWNTOWN is awesome) Being that Beyonce has grabbed headlines this week on reports that […]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–01/24/2013

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Turn your Windsheild into a Lite Brite

They say laughter is the best medicine.  I like laughing with others a lot. I enjoy laughing by myself just as much.(thank you Ole and Lena) When the temperatures get this frigid there are a […]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–01/22/2013


Unapproved Cold Remedies: And The First One Is …

I took a Z-pack. I went to URGENT CARE sat in the waiting room and they made me put the avian bird flu mask on because I was coughing and nasty. Get me? I went to the Doctor, did the health care co-pay, got the script and took it…

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