James Taylor and Taylor Swift

James Taylor And Taylor Swift, Together Again

Taylor Swift performed three songs with James Taylor during his show this week at Tanglewood–a duet on “Fire and Rain” and two of her own songs.



Taylor Swift Webisode 6: Taylor’s Look

We’ve all talked about it: [mp3com-artist]Taylor Swift[/mp3com-artist]’s new hair style including lack of curls and flirty bangs.  This hairstyle was prominent in her latest video for “Ours” and here’s a quick peek from the inspiration […]



Taylor Swift Webisode 5: Leading Man Zach

Today, [mp3com-artist]Taylor Swift[/mp3com-artist] takes us backstage to learn a little bit more about the man of the hour, Zach Gilford!  He plays Taylor’s love interest in the video for “Ours“.  From cute cuddly moments to a […]


(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

New Music Video From Taylor Swift – “Ours”

[mp3com-artist]Taylor Swift[/mp3com-artist] has really toned it down for her latest music video. No glamorous dresses, perfect hair, or fairy tale settings. The video for “Ours” has Taylor  as a messy-haired, average dressed office employee having a crappy day. […]