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Jerrod NIemann

Jerrod Nieman: The story about the Donkey

HIGH NOON is the name of the new CD from Jerrod and what he has agreed is the next single from it is a song about riding a Donkey.

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kelli miller psychic medium

How It Works with Psychic Medium Kelli Miller

We’ve got a lot of questions about how Kelli does what she does, so we asked her a couple questions to explain how things work with her when doing a reading. If you’ve thought of […]


koffy blake

Koffy’s NOW HEAR THIS: Blake Shelton – Playboys of the Southwestern World

Lots of favorites from Blake!  Love this one – Playboys of the Southwestern World.  It’s a long story/sing-a-long song!

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Miranda Lambert

Koffy’s NOW HEAR THIS – Miranda Lambert : Dry Town

Artists and Songs you may not have heard before but SHOULD! Miranda Lambert: Dry Town

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Shayne Wells and Paul Koffy-070

Wanna look stupid while exercising? Here ya go


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Shayne Wells and Paul Koffy-070

Cattle round up …with a remote control car

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Shayne Wells and Paul Koffy-070


Great cover of ROYALES that any parent can identify with! Catch the whole blogpost from Josh Sterns by clicking the link below. He has the complete lyrics listed there! http://stearns.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/rested/




I could cover the yellow, but it would just get yellow again so I mixed up some H2O and food coloring and sprayed the snowbanks along the driveway.  Now it looks like my dog pees […]

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kelli miller psychic medium

Psychic Medium Kelli Miller – Audio Segments and reviews

Here she is!  And BAM! out of the shoot she is incredibly accurate!   We had a great time with Psychic Medium Kelli Miller who proved why her schedule is so packed. UPDATE 12/20 My wife […]

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Should Hazelton Have An Oreo Program? John Hines and I Debate

New research is out that says Oreos are as addictive as Cocaine. Agree?  I for one do not, but I enjoy them immensely, as does John Hines of WCCO 830 AM.

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