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It’s 4 Things you need to know TUESDAY

Four Top headlines for this morning – and weird they all start with F.

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4 THINGS = WILD+Why poison Twin Cities Dogs?+ BUZ’N HALF DUZ’N ANNOUNCE+ 60’s

4 THINGS = WILD+Why poison Twin Cities Dogs+ BUZ’N HALF DUZ’N ANNOUNCE+ 60’s

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Last Year all the bees froze to death. This year they are headed to Texas!

Last year all my little bugs made it to early March. Then we got hit with that last POLAR VORTEX and what I thought was going to be a great Spring turned into a bust. All 35 stands died.

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Helping Hans Johnson

Helping Hans Johnson!   Here is the facebook link for the benefit. LOTS of stuff going on Sunday at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Wisconsin this Sunday   https://www.facebook.com/events/719060978131310/


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Mel Gibson’s new rant, Mila Kunis’ crush, Kaite Couric and the Kardashians, What the Heck are these NEW RELEASES???

Mel Gibson’s new rant, Mila Kunis’ crush, Kaite Couric and the Kardashians, What the Heck are these NEW RELEASES???

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Janet found Tinder on her boyfriends phone and decided to do a little more than just ask him about it.

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Lotta Blood in your carpets…..

Sandy has just purchased a home and had ordered the carpets cleaned. Her sister thought the timing was good to go with the ol’ must have been a murder in your basement trick.

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#Nashtag Friday

Brad Paisley and the EDM’s *thanks for the text explaining that EDM was Electronic Dance Music/ Blake’s Bed-Breakfast-Hate for Cats – Randy Houser’s restraining order

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Adam Levine+2 loads of Manure+Blake’s Truck = Sweet Revenge

Adam Levine got his revenge on Blake Shelton for the tweeting out of his personal cell number.

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Birthday Prank – Topper Gone Bad

We met Jeremy at the Buzn Half Duzn Launch Party. He LOVES the Birthday Pranks! He wife mentioned that his birthday was coming up on the following Tuesday and he just started laughing claiming he […]

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