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Psychic Medium Kelli Miller 5/22

This morning you may have heard that I played the explanation from Kelli about how she perceives things while she is doing a reading for someone. I find this part so amazing, as you can hear in the beginning of this call how things don’t appear in text for or 100% picture form for Kelli when someone opens up the conversation.

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Psychic Medium Kelli Miller: I’m pretty sure my wife is cheating what should I do?

He voice has obviously be altered to protect his identity. She has asked for a divorce, he still wants to work on things but has the feeling she has already be cheating for a while.



Psychic Medium Kelli Miller: Dating 3 years, is this going anywhere?

Because we are all human we all at some point share similar experiences. Know anyone who has been dating a long time and has questions if staying in the relationship is the right decision? this may provide insight!

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8/15 @PsychicKelli Miller – Gramma has a big sign – Why does Kelli hear motorcycles?

Another week and more awesome readings by Psychic Medium Kelli Miller. Gramma has a big sign, then Why does Kelli hear motorcycles?



Psychic Medium Kelli Miller: Friend was shot in Northern MN, Signs of Gramma

He had broke into some homes in Northern Minnesota and was shot – it was not good ending, but friends and family know it was so out of character for him and something must have contributed. Kelli gives some revealing insight.

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Here is @PsychicKelli Miller’s Friday Readings

Psychic Medium Kelli Miller, on with Koffy In the Morning – This week, Career advice, marriage insight, Funny Spirit Guides, and some basic facts of love life.

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Psychic Medium Kelli Miller Friday 5/23

Thanks for all the emails and texts on this! YES it was awesome!

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Friday’s Psychic Readings with Kelli Miller

Another awesome week of readings by our awesome Psychic Medium Kelli Miller!

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Readings With Psychic Medium Kelli Miller

Murdered Dad and Single Mom Issues


kelli miller psychic medium

Psychic Medium Kelli Miller Friday 3/28

Great Stuff this week! A wife wants to know if the mother in law she never met knows her: A Daughter wants to know how her Mom is doing on the other side: Another Daughter […]

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