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Psychic Medium Kelli Miller resolves some Mother In Law Issues

This week Kelli talks with a woman about her mother in law.

It’s always interesting as the person listening to be able to feel the reasons behind the questions as the person being read hears the answers Kelli provides.

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Psychic Medium Kelli Miller 5/22

This morning you may have heard that I played the explanation from Kelli about how she perceives things while she is doing a reading for someone. I find this part so amazing, as you can hear in the beginning of this call how things don’t appear in text for or 100% picture form for Kelli when someone opens up the conversation.

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Psychic Medium Kelli Miller: I’m pretty sure my wife is cheating what should I do?

He voice has obviously be altered to protect his identity. She has asked for a divorce, he still wants to work on things but has the feeling she has already be cheating for a while.



Psychic Medium Kelli Miller: Dating 3 years, is this going anywhere?

Because we are all human we all at some point share similar experiences. Know anyone who has been dating a long time and has questions if staying in the relationship is the right decision? this may provide insight!

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8/15 @PsychicKelli Miller – Gramma has a big sign – Why does Kelli hear motorcycles?

Another week and more awesome readings by Psychic Medium Kelli Miller. Gramma has a big sign, then Why does Kelli hear motorcycles?



Psychic Medium Kelli Miller: Friend was shot in Northern MN, Signs of Gramma

He had broke into some homes in Northern Minnesota and was shot – it was not good ending, but friends and family know it was so out of character for him and something must have contributed. Kelli gives some revealing insight.

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Here is @PsychicKelli Miller’s Friday Readings

Psychic Medium Kelli Miller, on with Koffy In the Morning – This week, Career advice, marriage insight, Funny Spirit Guides, and some basic facts of love life.

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Psychic Medium Kelli Miller Friday 5/23

Thanks for all the emails and texts on this! YES it was awesome!

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Friday’s Psychic Readings with Kelli Miller

Another awesome week of readings by our awesome Psychic Medium Kelli Miller!

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Readings With Psychic Medium Kelli Miller

Murdered Dad and Single Mom Issues