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The Worst Snacks For “The Big Game”

Bologna cake anyone?!?

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Miley Cyrus Rides Wrecking Ball Naked In Her New Video

After the vulgar display Miley Cyrus put on at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, just being naked is actually a breath of fresh air.


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Stall Secrets: How Much Do YOU Love Ranch?

Drink your ranch dressing!

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TJ’s Trash: The Grossest Pic Online Right Now

What happens when you get bit by a snake

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See Trace Adkins’ Broken Foot

Trace Adkins has broken his foot. Although he didn’t get into details about how this happened, on Friday (April 19th) he tweeted an ugly picture of his left foot, which is bruised and swollen-looking. He wrote, […]

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Stall Secrets: Bacon on Your Face Will Help You Find Love??

Apparently us girls dig guys who smell like bacon.

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