Watch This Golden Retriever Fail Miserably At Catching FoodThis should make you laugh on a Monday!
Dog Jump To The Couch Fail
The Ladies Room: Aww This Dog HAS To Hold Hands!Dog is a little co dependent, needs to hold his owners hand while driving.
World's Ugliest Dog 2013 is...This dog looks like he’s been photo-shopped with pieces from various dogs and maybe a few other animals.
Dierks Bentley Uses Social Media To Help Find His Dog Jake
Bathroom Blog: I Need to Re-evaluate My SituationMy latest blog, its pretty amusing!
Miranda Lambert, The Dog Whisperer?Miranda Lambert must be a bit of a dog whisperer! It seems there is always a dog waiting in the shadows as she passes by, that commands her attention.
TJ's Trash: $800,000 Dog! Watch this dog dance and win $800,000 for it!
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