Coyote Joe’s

(Photo By Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)

Bradley Gaskin Performs ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ [Video]

Big & Rich At The PBR Last…[mp3com-artist]Bradley Gaskin[/mp3com-artist] performed a quick acoustic set at Coyote Joe’s for the official PBR Last Cowboy Standing after party. He played his single “Mr. Bartender” and performed an almost full […]


Daryl Nelms Photography

Chris Cagle Pens New Song At Stout Pull Called “She’s Any Girl Cause She’s A Country Girl”

Talk about inspiration!  Charlotte proved to be just the muse [mp3com-artist]Chris Cagle[/mp3com-artist] needed at the Stout Pull.  While talking to the audience, lyrical inspiration hit and next thing we knew… Chris had penned an entirely new […]


Daryl Nelms Photography

Kip Moore Tells Us There’s Somethin Bout A Truck

We love [mp3com-artist]Kip Moore[/mp3com-artist] here at The New 103.7!  He’s an up-and-coming country star that we know is going to blow up in no time.  His single “Somethin Bout A Truck” has become the anthem for […]


Daryl Nelms Photography

Uncle Kracker Hits Us With His First Big Single “Follow Me”

Music veteran [mp3com-artist]Uncle Kracker[/mp3com-artist] knows how to work a crowd.  With a venue full of country fans ready to party, there was no way to keep the crowd down when Uncle Kracker busted out into his […]



Even Zac Brown Paid For Gas With Soggy Beer Money

Every artist has a start, and most started playing small parties and bar gigs locally, then travel farther and farther as they gained popularity.  This was no different for Zac Brown and the Zac Brown […]