Awesome Album Covers

Lefty Frizzell - "Songs of Jimmie Rodgers" (Columbia, 1951)

Awesome Album Covers: Lefty Frizzell Sings The “Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers”

It’s hard to imagine why Columbia Records wrapped Lefty Frizzell in a swath of pink for an album full of country blues and train songs. Maybe it was the art director’s favorite color? Or maybe […]


Dolly Parton - Hello, I'm Dolly (Monument, 1967)

Awesome Album Covers: Dolly Parton’s “Hello, I’m Dolly”

With a subdued, knowing smile, one of country music’s future stars introduced herself in 1967 by politely saying, ‘Hello, I’m Dolly.’


Hank Williams, Jr. - Family Tradition (Curb, 1979)

Awesome Album Covers: Hank Williams, Jr.’s “Family Tradition”

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Hank Williams, Jr. named his second gold album Family Tradition—then made it authentic with the perfect “family” picture. Produced by country legends Jimmy Bowen, Phil Gernhard and Ray Ruff, […]