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Credit: Getty Images

Mrs. Doubtfire…As A Horror Movie?!?

This is awesome, watch the trailer for “Mrs. Doubtfire” as if it were a horror movie!            

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–08/14/2013

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley Gets Punked!

Brad Paisley if famous for pulling pranks on his tour mates, so he had to know he was bound to get a taste of his own medicine sooner or later.  That’s exactly what happened at [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–08/12/2013

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for City Harvest)

The Most Embarrassing Things Ever Blurted Out By Kids!

I don’t have any kids yet, but I’m sure when I do, they’ll embarrass me just as I embarrassed my parents!  Whether or not you have kids, you’ll definitely get a laugh out of some [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–08/08/2013

Unnecessary Country Censorship

Unnecessary Country Censorship – August 7th Edition

Enjoy this week’s “Unnecessary Country Censorship”, where I bleep Country songs even though they don’t need it.  This edition includes Love & Theft, Lady Antebellum, and Gretchen Wilson!          

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–08/07/2013

(Credit: Adam Greenwald / CBS)

Get A Private Surfing Lesson From Billy Currington!

In honor of the release of his upcoming album, “We Are Tonight”, Billy Currington is giving one lucky fan a private surfing lesson!  How cool would that be? CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE HERE FOR MORE [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–07/25/2013

Podcast Pic

Off The Air Podcast – “The One With Our Guilty Pleasures”

We all have things we’re a little embarrassed to admit we enjoy.  Who is addicted to wet wipes? Who likes plucking his/her nose hairs? Find out these, and more secrets about us in our latest [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–07/25/2013

Unnecessary Country Censorship

Unnecessary Country Censorship July 24th Edition

Enjoy this week’s edition of “Unnecessary Country Censorship” where I bleep Country songs that don’t need bleeping!  In this weeks edition, we mess with Brad Paisley, Tyler Farr, and Josh Turner.      

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–07/24/2013

Unnecessary Country Censorship

Unnecessary Country Censorship July 17th Edition

Enjoy this weeks edition of “Unnecessary Country Censorship”, where I bleep Country songs when they don’t need to be bleeped.          

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–07/18/2013

(Credit: Adam Greenwald / BUZ'N @ 102.9 CBS)

Elk River Woman Skips Chemo To Meet Kenny Chesney

This is a great and inspiring story of Diane Grinde, a huge Kenny Chesney fan who skipped her chemo-therapy session last Friday so she could meet and see Kenny Chesney at Target Field. CLICK HERE [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–07/15/2013

Unnecessary Country Censorship

Unnecessary Country Censorship…All Chesney Edition

Here’s this weeks edition of Unnecessary Country Censorship, where we put bleeps in Country songs where they don’t belong. Since Kenny Chesney will be here playing Target Field this week and there is “Chesney Mania” [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–07/11/2013