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I was born and raised in the Twin Cities.  I grew up in Chaska and then moved to the booming metropolis of Gibbon, MN (population 712 and growing!)  I have wanted to be on the radio since I was 5 years old.  I would sit in my room and pretend to be talking on the radio and call the deejays in the Twin Cities almost on a nightly basis.

In my free time I enjoy watching sports; I’m a huge Twins and Vikings fan.  Summer is by far my favorite time of the year.  You can often catch me at Valleyfair, Target Field, or a hole-in-the-wall bar with friends.  Some of my favorite TV shows are Dexter, Criminal Minds, Family Guy, and Modern Family.  I am also a huge WWE fan and I watch Monday Night Raw every week.

I love being able to connect with listeners.  So please feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter or call me at 651-989-1029!

Unnecessary Country Censorship

Unnecessary Country Censorship – September 25th Edition

I put bleeps in Country songs even though they don’t need them…this week’s edition includes Eric Church, Toby Keith, and Scotty McCreery! CLICK HERE TO HEAR PREVIOUS EDITIONS!               [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–09/25/2013

Unnecessary Country Censorship

Unnecessary Country Censorship – September 11th Edition

I bleep Country songs that don’t need to be bleeped…why you ask?  It’s good for a chuckle!  Enjoy this week’s edition of “Unnecessary Country Censorship”! And CLICK HERE to listen to past editions!     [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–09/13/2013

(credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Vince Gill Confronts Westboro Baptist Church Protesters

I don’t like to throw the word “hate” around very often, but I absolutely HATE these Westboro Baptist Church protesters.  These are the people who protest at Military members funerals.  Well, they decided to show [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–09/10/2013

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

Things Only Minnesotans Would Understand!

If you can relate to two or more of these things…you might be a Minnesotan!  Thanks to Buzzfeed for this awesome article! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE 29 MOST MINNESOTAN THINGS THAT EVER HAPPENED

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–09/05/2013

Unnecessary Country Censorship

Unnecessary Country Censorship – September 4th Edition

Bleeping Country songs for no good reason, except that it’s funny! Listen as this week I unnecessarily bleep Lee Brice, Jana Kramer, and Jake Owen! Also, be sure to listen every Wednesday night around 8:20 [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–09/04/2013

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Finds A Creature In Her Bathroom!

Over the weekend, Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, discovered a chipmunk had found its way into their house!  Carrie sent out a couple of Vines which you can see below, one is Mike [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–09/03/2013

Unnecessary Country Censorship

Unnecessary Country Censorship – August 14th Edition

Listen to this week’s edition of “Unnecessary Country Censorship”, where I put bleeps in Country songs where they don’t belong!  This week includes Brett Eldridge, Brad Paisley, and Kip Moore…enjoy!           [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–08/15/2013

Podcast Pic

Off The Air – “The One With The Waxing”

One of the boys thought it would be a good idea to get waxed…did he enjoy it? Plus, where’s the best place to meet your “soul mate” and where do the Twin Cities rank on [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–08/15/2013

Credit: Getty Images

Mrs. Doubtfire…As A Horror Movie?!?

This is awesome, watch the trailer for “Mrs. Doubtfire” as if it were a horror movie!            

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–08/14/2013

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley Gets Punked!

Brad Paisley if famous for pulling pranks on his tour mates, so he had to know he was bound to get a taste of his own medicine sooner or later.  That’s exactly what happened at [...]

BUZ’N 102.9 – New BUZ’N Country–08/12/2013