Caught with Koffy 5/15 LEAVE THE KEYS!

Andrew had been tracking his girlfriend with after he went to her office one day to take her to lunch and was informed that she had called out sick….thing was she wasn’t sick. He has been trying to catch her at something and emailing me for like a month.

Turns out she had some side stuff going on and he thought spying was the way to go. That’s where I enter the picture as a facilitator of Truth. (I like that – trademark pending)

We catch her alright – but Sylvia doesn’t miss a beat and this relationship ends with a “Whoops! didn’t think that through!”

Segment picks up with me asking him about the software. Listen below

1 - Caught with Koffy 5/15 LEAVE THE KEYS!

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And this segment picks up as we are getting her on the line after seeing she was at a hotel.

2 - Caught with Koffy 5/15 LEAVE THE KEYS!

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