Lee Ann Womack Signs to New Label, Album Out This September

By Annie Reuter

Lee Ann Womack has signed with Sugar Hill Records/Welk Music to release her next album, which is slated for a September release.

“If there’s one thing about this record that really stands out, it’s that all the songs come from writers who are artists,” Womack said. “Every song was written for the writer to sing, and as someone who loves and listens to music, it’s a very different reality to cut songs that were written with intention from an artist’s perspective, to try and invest in what they’ve lived so eloquently.”

The GRAMMY-winning country singer is working with her husband, producer Frank Liddell, on her forthcoming album, which is the “I Hope You Dance” singer’s first in several years.

“Lee Ann and I always thought one day we’d work together,” explained Liddell. “My wife is one of the greatest country singers ever, but she’s also a vocalist who bring things out of songs you never realized was there. It’s unusual for the musicians to not just want, but to shape their performances to the vocalist during tracking, but for this project… That’s just what some of the best players in the world did. To have a singer who can get on the floor with the players and function as an equal with the musicians, it was an amazing thing to see. Watching what happened during these sessions was one of those moments when you realize what music really can contain.”

Womack added: “I have always loved country music with my entire being. I think the gift of a genre that’s built on real life is that there is always room for great songs, and the truth. When we started this record, Frank and I promised each other we would only cut songs that we absolutely loved for no reason other than we loved them very much. No other factors, and I think that freedom really inspired us.”

Womack is best known for her chart-topping hit “I Hope You Dance.” Radio.com sat down with songwriter Tia Sillers, who wrote the song with Mark D. Sanders, and talked about the song last year during a CMA Songwriters Series event in New York.

“It is a song that can be at a baptism, a bar mitzvah, a graduation, a wedding, a funeral,” Sillers said of “I Hope You Dance.” “It’s these lists of things in your life that you hope for this other person won’t ever happen or will happen. Even in spite of all that, you hope they dance.”

Sillers wrote the song while on a trip alone in St. George Island while going through a breakup.

“All I did was walk down to this bar every night and eat oysters and cuss this boy that I was breaking up with,” she recalled. “I was contemplating turning 30 and being single and it sucks. ‘What am I going to do with my life?'”

Read more about Lee Ann Womack’s hit “I Hope You Dance” on Radio.com



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