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TJ’s Trash: Scandalous!

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Rumors are true! Simon Cowell is going to be a daddy!  He’s 53.  BUT that isn’t the scandalous part.  His baby momma is married and no, not to him…to his close friend! Well, former close friend now. Baby momma’s job? “New York Socialite”  Ooooh and social she is!  Her and her hubby have filed for divorce. Weird he didn’t want to be step daddy to his close friend Simon’s baby.  Or maybe he did. I don’t know all those details.  An assistant to Simon’s UK rep said “This is a very sensitive issue.”  Ha. I bet it is.  What is the moral of the story kids?  If you become “close friends” with Simon Cowell? HIDE YO WIFE!

Here is Simon with reallygoodatherjobatbeingsocial baby momma.

GettyImages/Mark Davis

GettyImages/Mark Davis


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