Vikings Stadium Design

(Credit: Jupiter Images)

(Credit: Jupiter Images)

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I get that architects want to impress people with their smooth lines and “BOLD ICONIC GEOMETRIES” and other assorted bull-sh$% artsy fartsy stuff… how about fun?

This is Minnesota, home of the Vikings – why not build a stadium with a theme to that point?

A big Viking Ship or the largest Log Cabin in the World? Add some theme stuff in there like the MOA has done.

Make it like a trip to Valley Fair every Sunday – every motocross event, every huge concert, not just a bunch of predictable box restaurants or high tone high tech gaudiness.

I was at the inception of the Cowboys Stadium in Texas – its big, its new – it has no character.   The H.H.H. had it’s character because it was new for it’s time.

I’m sure it will be reeeeeaaaaallll nice – I’m just hoping it will be fun too.