OMG! Gatorade Celebration Gone Wrong!

Apparently these girls don’t know the correct way of executing a proper “Gatorade Dump Celebration”.

Proper Method:
1.) Sneak up behind him with the cooler.
2.) Lift up above him to prepare the dump.
3.) Watch, smile and celebrate the win AND look on the coach’s face.
Improper Method:
1.) Bull rush the poor coach with the cooler.
2.) Slam the cooler into his gut
3.) Make him look like he pissed his pants from the liquid in the cooler. (Which he probably did as a result of #1 anyway)
4.) Watch him slip from the liquid and bang his face on the court.
5.) Scream OHH in total shock.
6.) Realize you just f**ked up and hope it doesn’t get any worse.
7.) Watch a second guy bolt down from the bleachers and slip and fall on the same liquid.
8.) Scream OHH in total shock as a result from the second guy falling and banging his head on the court.
9.) Realize that it just got worse!
10.) Understand that although you may have won the game, you totally failed at properly executing the “Gatorade Dump Celebration”.

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