Super Bowl – Did You Know?


Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers

Sunday, February 3rd at 5:30PM Central on CBS

Mercedes-Benz Superdome – New Orleans, Louisiana

Singing the National Anthem: Alicia Keys

Performing “America the Beautiful” Pre-Game: Sandy Hook Elementary School chorus

Performing at Halftime: Beyoncé (Rumored: Destiny’s Child reunion, Jay-Z)


  • This will be the first Super Bowl featuring opposing head coaching brothers, Baltimore’s John Harbaugh and San Francisco’s Jim Harbaugh.
  • 111.3-million watched last year’s Super Bowl… only 38-milllion watched President Barack Obama’s last State of the Union address.
  • Jerry Rice holds the record for most career Super Bowl points with 48, over four Super Bowls with San Francisco and Oakland.
  • Upcoming Super Bowl games will be played in East Rutherford, New Jersey (2014) and Glendale, Arizona (2015).
  • Neither the Ravens or the 49ers have ever lost a Super Bowl. The Ravens are 1-0 and the 49ers, 5-0 at Super Bowl games.
  • The only teams to never play a Super Bowl are the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have the most Super Bowl victories, with six.


  • A Super Bowl can bring in $150-million to the host area.
  • Tickets to Super Bowl I cost between $6 and $12.
  • The average ticket price for this years game is $3,800
  • Last year’s Super Bowl captured 111.3-million TV viewers.
  • Last year’s Super Bowl halftime show featuring Madonna saw 10,245 tweets-per-second on Twitter.
  • 72 footballs are produced for use in the Super Bowl game.
  • The cost of a 30-second commercial during the CBS broadcast of this year’s game is $4-million, up from $3.5-million last year.
  • The league pays for up to 150 Super Bowl rings at $5,000 per ring (plus adjustments for increases in gold and diamonds). The NFL also pays for 150 pieces of jewelry for the losing team, which may not cost more than one-half the price set for the Super Bowl ring.
  • Half of those hosting Super Bowl parties plan to spend at least $100 on game-day treats.
  • The economy hasn’t affected Super Bowl party planning as 76% of fans say they’ll spend as much this year as they did last year.
  • Almost one-third of adults will bet on the game, mostly men.
  • The Vince Lombardi trophy stands 20-and-three-quarter inches tall, weighs 6.7-pounds and is valued at more than $25,000.
  • The most points scored in a Super Bowl were San Francisco’s 55 in 1990 against Denver. The fewest were Miami’s three in 1972 against Dallas.


  • Fans will eat 1.23-billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Super Bowl watchers will chomp on 11.2-million pounds of potato chips during the big game.
  • 51.7-million cases of beer will be sold for Super Bowl viewing parties.
  • 43-million pounds of pretzels will be consumed by fans on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Winter or not, 62% of grill-owners report they will fire it up for the big game.
  • 2.5-million pounds of nuts will be chomped on Sunday.
  • Eight-million pounds of avocado will be used on Super Bowl Sunday for guacamole dip.
  • Most Super Bowl viewers, nine out of 10, will watch from their home or someone else’s home.
  • Domino’s Pizza estimates it will deliver 11-million pieces of pizza on Sunday.
  • Fans will pop 3.8-million pounds of popcorn to snack on during Sunday’s game.
  • 8.2-million pounds of tortilla chips will be consumed at Super Bowl parties.
  • The Super Bowl is the second-highest day of food consumption in the U.S., after Thanksgiving.
  • Are you down with the dip? In a snack survey by Harris Interactive, 32% say they’ll eat some form of dip on Sunday.
  • 48-million people will order takeout or delivery on Sunday, as opposed to making food at home.
  • Snack attack! The average fan will consume 1,200 calories and 50 grams of fat from snacks, not meals, on Sunday.
  • Non-traditional snacks trending this year include mac ‘n cheese, apple slices and Chinese food.
  • Antacid sales will go up around 20% on the day after the Super Bowl.
  • An estimated 7-million people will call in sick on Monday after the game.

People were asked what they’d miss to go to the Super Bowl!

  • 23% – A vacation
  • 21% – An important work responsibility
  • 20% – Wedding of a close friend or family member
  • 19% – Funeral of a loved one
  • 15% – Birth of a child <—WHAT?!?!

Other Super Bowl Tidbits:

Puppies predict the Super Bowl winner!

This is how you deal with a video bomber trying to get their 15 seconds of fame on T.V.

Anyway, enjoy the game, eats lots of wings and don’t be one of the thousands who call in sick to work on Monday! Anyone think the Monday following Super Bowl Sunday should be an official holiday beside me?

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