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Love the article I just got a hold of that talks about making those lists at New Years.  Hey it’s inevitable – we either do them or spend time telling people why we don’t do them.

So how about trying this on for 2013?

Make a top 5 list of things you are looking forward to?

Don’t make the list of things you see as problems that need to be fixed, but rather a list of things you look forward to doing.

5.  I look forward to getting  Honey Bees set up this Spring!

4. I look forward to paying off our truck Yay!  2013!

3. I look forward to all of the Buzn Concerts and events I will get to share with co-workers.

2. Who has more fun than us?   MORE OF US!  -> meeting a lot of new friends!

1. Getting my wife and the dogs moved up here and finally all settled in to our new home.

I started at 5 and came up with about 200 that I don’t really think anyone else would care about but seriously  – writing down a list of things you look forward to is so much easier and the cool thing is that you can exaggerate all you want! Why not?

Make a list – check it in June and see what you can add to it or what’s left to experience before the 2nd half of the year kicks in.

Happy 2013!


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