TJ’s Top 10 Songs Of 2012

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BUZ’N staff is counting down their top song picks of 2012. Here’s TJ’s picks:

1. ‘Banjo’ – Rascal Flatts
– This is my #1 for many reasons. Rascal Flatts is my favorite band on the planet, I would leave my life and go clean toilets on their tour bus if asked. This song also put me in the best mood! It’s fun and energetic. I’d listen to it before I’d go on the air every morning.

2. ‘Come Over’ – Kenny Chesney
– I will never get tired of hearing this song. That’s what makes it great to me.

3. ‘Pontoon’ – Little Big Town
– I knew this was going to be the summer anthem the second I heard it and my favorite thing to do in the summer is be on the water!

4. ‘You’ – Chris Young
– If you ever get to see Chris live, do it. He’s so good and I pretty much love every song he’s ever put out!

5. ‘Springsteen’ – Eric Church
– I love everything about this song and it will forever be the “melody that sounds like a memory” of my first months in Minneapolis working my dream job!

6. ‘Better Dig Two’ – The Band Perry
– This song makes me want to learn how to play banjo! It’s haunting and it’s going to be around well into 2013!

7. ‘Over You’ – Miranda Lambert
– The story behind this song breaks my heart and the fact Blake and Miranda wrote it together with so much meaning behind it makes it one of my favs!

8. ‘Til My Last Day’ – Justin Moore
– The lyrics make this one of my favorites

9. ‘Every Storm’ – Gary Allan
– It’s just a good song and I love Gary!

10. ‘Something To Do With My Hands’ – Thomas Rhett
– Even though this wasn’t a monster hit it still is significant for me because it was my very first in person artist interview on a Jumbo Tron and he “gave me something to do with my hands” when he took his hat off so I could run my fingers through his hair! Haha

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