She’s Panhandling For Money So She Can Buy WHAT?

She’s not begging for money to buy food, pay for rent, or even booze, she’s begging for money to get … breast implants?!?  Listen, I’m all about honesty when it comes to panhandlers and asking for money. If you come up with a clever sign and are actually honest, I’m be more inclined to throw you a buck or two. But then again there may be such a thing as being “too honest” when it comes to this wack-a-doodle!

Here’s what we know about this lady: she’s 37 years old, works in a bar, and obviously can’t afford the $5,000 it would cost to pay for her “enhancements.”  She seems pretty serious though. Each day she heads into the city, sits on her motorcycle wearing a bikini, holding her sign that says, “Not Homeless! Need Boobs.” She even got a panhandling license from the city. I didn’t even know you had to do that!

I’m not sure how many days she’s been at it now, but I don’t think things are going well. She’s only managed to collect about $90 so far. And if you’re wondering why she’s going to all the trouble, she says new enhancements would, “help improve her self esteem.” If you ask me it’s going to take a lot more than new ta-ta’s to help fix this woman’s self esteem.

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