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Tonight my kickball team enters the playoffs ranked 7th our of 18 teams. Go Victorious Secret! It’s a one and done bracket so our run at the championship may come to an end rather quickly. However, the fact that we’ve only lost a few games is a miracle, especially after our start. An observer summed up our team to a tee: “Your strength is drinking. That may also be your weakness.” It’s true. We know how to have a good time. But it’s also possible we overdid it during our first game in which we lost by a lot. The after-party was a continuation of the debauchery we showed on the field ending with one guy pouring an entire pitcher of beer over his head.

We got our act together (a bit) after that first week and actually pulled out a lot of wins. That is until last week when we got demolished. But what made it worse was that they rubbed it in by kicking with their beers still in hand, and in one instance a player on the sideline tossed a football to another guy as he ran from first to second (we got him out by the way, it was sweet). When the murdering was over they cheered like they’d just won Olympic gold. They then apologized to us for cheering so loud and added they were super excited because that was the first game they’ve won. Now that hurts, but not as much as my very first at-bat when I struck out. Yes, it’s possible to strike out but it’s not as bad as it seems. I didn’t swing and miss. I was called twice in a row for bunting which means you’re out (thing is, I wasn’t trying to bunt which is just plain embarrassing).

Luckily, my team and myself have improved greatly since then. Question is; when the pressure’s on will we step up our game or crumble under the pressure?


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