The Blood, Sweat and Beers Tour At Target Center

The Blood, Sweat and Beers Tour was at Target Center last night (5/17/12).  Target Center was the third to the last stop in this tour which included Jon Pardi, Brantley Gilbert, and Eric Church.

Jon Pardi

(credit: Sean Johnson/BUZ’N 102.9/CBS)

Jon Pardi opened up the show at Target Center.  He has a single out called, “Missin’ You Crazy.”  He is a new and upcoming artist.  Pardi also toured in 2010, opening for Dierks Bentley.  The audience may not had been familiar with him, but he was an entertaining opening act.

Brantley Gilbert

The Blood, Sweat, and Beers Tour at Target Center
(credit: Sean Johnson/BUZ’N 102.9/CBS)

Next, Brantley Gilbert hit the stage and opened with “My Kinda Party.”  He surprised the audience when he began playing “Dirt Road Anthem.”  Gilbert’s stage included a lighting setup in the background that said various names, sayings, or messages.  For example, it said “BG Nation” at one point during the show.  He also played his new single, “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do.”

Eric Church

The Blood, Sweat, and Beers Tour at Target Center
(credit: Sean Johnson/BUZ’N 102.9/CBS)

Eric Church’s show is started off by him walking up from underneathe the front of the stage and was covered in white ‘smoke’.  He sang first “Country Music Jesus.”  Church’s second song was “Guys Like Me.”  Also, strategically placed on stage he had a spot on his microphone stand for a red solo cup.  He drank from this red solo cup throughout the show.  The audience enjoyed drinking with him!

Church related to the Twin Cities audience.  He talked about his experiences performing at The Cabooze.  Church said, “The Caboose has some of the rowdiest crowds!”  He went on to say that the goal is to turn Target Center into the rowdiest crowd on the tour.  He went into playing “Jack Daniels.”  You could see throughout the crowd and in the general admission areas that people were partying and enjoying the night!  You would see an occasional item (or piece of clothing) thrown on the stage.  Church even took two cowboy boots from the crowd and signed the boots.

Eric Church

There were fantastic pyrotechnics and sound for his concert.  Throughout the concert you see flames going up into the air.   During the song “Drink In My Hand,” three large and loud shots go off!  Those loud booms shook the entire arena!  He closed out the show with “Springsteen.”  During that song he talked about what the song means to him and that it was about memories that you make.  He had everyone pull out there cell phone during the song to light up the arena.  Church then told everyone to remember all these moments from the night and wrapped up the show.  Make sure to visit the photo gallery to see all the pictures from the show!

–Sean Johnson BUZ’N 102.9/CBS


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