Who Is Mike Dubs?

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Hi, I am Mike Dubs and a little fun fact to start off about me is this is my first time ever being in Minnesota so I’m super excited to be here!

Pretty sure Mall Of America will be my second home, and I plan to go on all of the roller coasters. I love the movie Mighty Ducks, so I want to go to Mickey’s Diner and Goldberg’s Deli. I have been offered a Juicy Lucy at least 10 times, and I plan to take everyone up on their offer. I have come to the conclusion I will put on at least 20 pounds from all the food here, and if you have any recommendations where to eat please let me know.

I am a huge sports fan, and one of my favorite sports is hockey so it’s great that I am here in the State of Hockey. I have a passion for Baseball and Football as well. During the summer I love being on the lake with a cold beer in my hand and the sunshine. You know what if there is good weather and beer I am there!

I am also a big dashboard karaoke star, so if you see someone in traffic with the music blasting and singing off key chances are that is me. Nothing about me is personal, and if something strange or awkward happens to me you will most likely hear me talk about it on the radio. I am definitely a jokester and love making people laugh, so hopefully I can make you laugh and let you into my personal life weeknights Monday through Friday from 7pm-Midnight.

When I’m not On-Air you can reach me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat @MikeDubsRadio