9 Great Websites For Valentine’s Day Gift Recommendations

thoughtful guy 9 Great Websites For Valentines Day Gift Recommendations

Thoughtfulguy.com is a gift recommendation engine that aims, one supposes, to make thoughtless guys seem thoughtful. As on Gift Side Story, you receive your recommendations by answering a series of questions about your girl’s interests and hobbies. As a bonus, if you’re a lazy bum without initiative, your lady can register an account for you and fill out that questionnaire, plus her shoe, dress, and ring(!) sizes for you! As her lover, all you have to do is select one of the gift recommendations that Thoughtfulguy spits out for you.

But if you’re trying to wow and woo your woman this V-Day, it’s probably best to at least try your hardestto fill out the survey yourself (Does your wife enjoy gardening? Just go with your first instinct). Again, Thoughtfulguy.com is free, as are its gift recommendations — more no-charge ideas for the Internet.

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