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Ronnie Dunn Explains Why His Latest Video Features ‘Country Dancing’ & A ‘Real Cowboy’

Ronnie Dunn Press Photo

ronnie dunn tattoo Ronnie Dunn Explains Why His Latest Video Features Country Dancing & A Real CowboyRonnie Dunn Gets Inked![mp3com-artist]Ronnie Dunn[/mp3com-artist] proved you don’t have to wear a cowboy hat, to be a real cowboy when he had the giant “Cowboy” tattooed on his arm! He admits to AOL’s The Boot, that he ‘may have over-compensated’ with the tattoo…but he relishes his ‘Texas Roots’ and wanted his latest video, “Let The Cowboy Rock” to reflect the ‘real cowboy‘ and ‘country dance culture‘ that is still rampant in west Texas and Oklahoma!

In case you missed it, here is Ronnie Dunn’s latest single and video for “Let The Cowboy Rock”

Check out Ronnie Dunn’s entire interview with AOL’s The Boot here!


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